Falgun (Holi) Purnima, Vik Samvat 2070. Yugabda 5115: March 16, 2014



1. FESTIVALS: Ram Navami





1. FESTIVALS: Ram Navami, which is Chaitra Shukla Navami (April 8 this year) is a celebration of the birth of Bhagwan Rama, the 7th incarnation of the Dashavatara of Vishnu, to King Dasharatha and Queen Kausalya of Ayodhya. It also marks the end of the nine-day Chaitra-Navratri celebrations.

Ramnavami is celebrated by Akhand Paath, mostly of the Ramacharitamanas, with elaborate bhajan, kirtan and distribution of prasad after the puja and aarti. Images of infant form of Sri Rama are placed on cradles and rocked by devotees. Temples are decorated and traditional prayers are chanted. Many followers observe this day by Vrata (fasting) through the day.

In Southern Bharat, in Bhadrachalam, the day is also celebrated as the wedding anniversary of Sri Rama and his consort Sita. Sitarama Kalyanam, the ceremonial wedding ceremony of the celestial couple is held at temples throughout the Southern region, with great fanfare and accompanied by group chanting of name of Rama, (Rama nama smaranam).

The important celebrations on this day take place at Ayodhya  Sita Samahit Sthal (Sitamarhi) (Bihar), Bhadrachalam (Andhra Pradesh) and Rameswaram (Tamil Nadu), thronged by thousands of devotees. Rathayatras, the chariot processions, are taken out at several places, including Ayodhya where thousands of people take a dip in the sacred river Sarayu.

Sri Rama Navami is shared with Swaminarayan Jayanti, the birth of Swaminarayan, who was born in the village of Chhapaiya in the state of Uttar Pradesh. - go Top


2.  WORK SELFLESSLY TO TAKE BHARAT TO GLORY: DR. BHAGWAT: Rashtriya Swyamsevak Sangh (RSS) Sarsanghchalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat urged people to work selflessly to take the country to heights of glory while speaking at Ranchi on March 15 at the silver jubilee celebrations of Ekal Abhiyan, a campaign launched by Friends of Tribal Society and other social organizations to eradicate illiteracy from the tribal dominated areas of the country.

“Ekal Abhiyan was launched as an experiment 25 years ago in Dhanbad to take the light of education to remote areas where government assistance could not reach.” He added. “The mission has been successful and it can be replicated across the country to empower the downtrodden,” said Bhagwat

As many as 5,000 schools — Ekal Vidyalayas — have been set up under the mission in remote areas across Jharkhand over the past 25 years, providing free education to tribal and poor children.- go Top


3. CHINA IN TRANSITION – IMPLICATION FOR ASIA: A seminar on the subject of ‘China in Transition – Implication for Asia’ was jointly organized by Department of Politics and Public Administraion, Uniersity of Chennai alongwith Indian Center for South Asia studies and other organizations. Many retired diplomats and beaurocrats participated in the seminar including Shri DS Rajan, Ambassador Ranganathan, Shri BS Raghavan and others.  The gist of the discussions is summarized below.

The peoples Republic of China (PRC) is now transiting through a crucial phase in its history. A heavy responsibility has come to rest on the shoulders of the current leadership Xi Jinping to work harder to realize the “Chinese Dream” of turning the country into a fully modernized one by 2050, it is natural that the country’s domestic and external policies have accordingly come to be pivoted on meeting the middle century goal. However, in the course of their actual implementation, Beijing may have to face serious challenges. Domestically, the focus of the nation’s economic growth model is to undergo a shift to boosting the internal demand. On the other hand, negative factors are emerging like environmental degradation, economic imbalance and social inequality. China’s leaders are now coming under more and more compulsions to address the gap between the deepened economic imbalance and social inequality and also due to economic liberalization process and the absence of real political reforms. How to meet the rising political aspirations of a rapidly rising middle class in the country could be a serious question for them. Worth viewing in this regard is the formation of a special group to fix future reform directions, during the November 2013 Party Plenum. As another requirement in the transit phase, China may have to make its military modernization goals more transparent. Externally, Beijing’s concentration should be on removing the distrust, a byproduct of its core-interest based diplomatic line, with neighbouring nations having territorial disputes. It may especially have to convince the outside world about the role of the newly formed National Security Council.- go Top


4. BOOK ON FORMER RSS SARASANGHACHALAK RAJJU BHAIYYA RELEASED IN MUMBAI: RSS Sarasanghachalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat released a book on former RSS Sarsanghchalak, late Prof. Rajendra Singh alias Rajju Bhaiyya, at a function in Mumbai on March 1st.

The book named as ‘Prof. Rajendrasinghaji Ki Jeevanyatra’ is a life story of P P Rajjubhaiya, the fourth Sarsanghchalak of RSS. It is authored by Ratan Sharda, a noted author of the book ‘Demystifying RSS’ who is a leading professional and Ma. Vibhag Sanghchalak in Mumbai. - go Top


5.  PROUD THAT BHARAT 'S A SOURCE OF GLOBAL TECH TALENT: SATYA NADELLA: It's been barely a month since he took over as only the third CEO of tech giant Microsoft since it was set up 39 years ago, but Satya Nadella already has Microsoft's five-year plan chalked out: use software as a driving force to advance the company's devices and services.While commenting on IT proficiency of Bharat in a recent interview, Nadella hailed Bharatiya talent, saying, "... Bharat is a tremendous source of technology talent, both at home and around the world, and that is something we can all take pride in." "I deeply appreciate all the support and encouragement I have received from people all across Bharat," said Nadella. Though he spent only a few years of his childhood in Hyderabad, he asserted, "I will always be a Hyderabadi."- go Top


6. 4TH PUNYATITHI OF NANAJI DESHMUKH OBSERVED IN A UNIQUE WAY: On the occasion of 4th Punyatithi of Rashtrarishi Nanaji Deshmukh,  an All Bharat Volunteer’s Meet was held at Chitrakoot to elucidate Deendayal Research Institute’s Self Reliance Model for villages that is replicable and sustainable, on Feb 27.

The 3 day conference was attended by 33 NGOs and 150 individuals that have an interest in rural development. Various sessions were devoted to topics like Poverty Alleviation, Unemployment, Education, Health & Sanitation etc. DRI also organized several social beneficial programs along with this meet like Mahila Sangam, Akhand Manas Path and Vrahad Bhandara.- go Top


7. ASI DIGS OUT 12TH- CENTURY SCULPTURE: History is being rediscovered at Purana Qila. Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has chanced upon a rare 12th-century sculpture of Vishnu and a seal in terracotta from the Gupta period. The stamp impression has Brahmi script dating back to the fourth and fifth centuries AD. The discovery was made during an excavation project at the Purana Qila grounds. The findings shed new light on the fort's history and will be displayed at the site museum in a while.

Before this, there have been two excavations at the monument, in the 1950s and the early '70s. The new project is being undertaken on the southeastern side of Sher Mandal, 20m away from an earlier site. Apart from the two unique remnants, ASI has made several other discoveries. Which include pottery typical of the Kushan and Gupta periods, structures from the Rajput and Kushan periods, copper coins and other terracotta excavations.- go Top   


8. SEWA INTERNATIONAL’s REHABILITATION WORK IN UTTARAKHAND: Sewa International has undertaken several initiatives for rehabilitation of the flash flood victims of Uttarakhand.

A computer training center has been established at Ukhimath where the first monthly test was conducted providing good results proving that the centre is moving in right direction. This training centre has been sponsored by Sewa USA.

There is a strong demand for opening up new computer training centres and another center is on the anvil. The first Mobile Medical van was donated to Uttaranchal Daivi Apada Pidit Sahayata Samiti (UDAPSS) and would be operated by Swami Vivekananda Medical Mission (Dehradun) for visiting the flood affected villages. - go Top


9.   ANOTHER WENDY DONIGER BOOK PULLED OUT BY PUBLISHER: Within weeks of Penguin recalling Wendy Doniger's book, 'The Hindus: An Alternative History', another publisher, Aleph, has pulled out the American author's previous work, 'On Hinduism'. Confirming the move, an Aleph spokesman said, "We don't want to get involved in any controversy. 'On Hinduism' was published in 2013 while 'The Hindus: An Alternative History' was published in 2009. 'The Hindus' had been recalled by Penguin following protests by Shiksha Bachao Andolan Samiti, on grounds that its contents were "derogatory and offensive to Hinduism" and misrepresented facts. The Samiti upped the ante and demanded 'On Hinduism' be withdrawn as well, as it too was "malicious and offending."- go Top


10. FALLEN JAWAN’S WIFE TURNS LIEUTENANT: Scripting history, 26-year-old Priya Semwal, who lost her husband in a counter-insurgency operation two years back, was inducted into the technical wing of the Armed Force as a young officer on March 15 at the passing out parade of the Officers Training Academy – Chennai..

The mother of the then four-year-old Khwahish Sharma, Ms. Semwal’s future looked bleak when she heard the death of her husband Naik Amit Sharma serving with the 14 Rajput regiment in a counter-insurgency operation near hilly Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh in 2012.

“Her husband was serving in my unit. In that operation, he lost his life while others suffered injuries. When I learnt Amit had encouraged her to complete degree and then PG, I thought she should become an officer,” said Colonel Arun Agarwal, Commanding Officer, 14 Rajput Regiment.

There might be instances where wives of Army officers have joined the force after their death, but this is probably the first time, the wife of a Non Commissioned Officer (NCO) has become an officer, he pointed out.- go Top


11.    FULLY PREPARED FOR CHAR DHAM YATRA: U’KHAND GOVT: Despite the drastic reduction in Char Dham Yatra bookings due to last year’s disaster, the Uttarakhand State Government has claimed that it is fully prepared for the Char Dham Yatra which is slated to begin from May 2.

Tourism Secretary Umakant Panwar said that with 50 lakhs to one crore people expected to undertake the Char Dham Yatra this year, biometric registration of pilgrims will be facilitated and each pilgrim will receive a photo identity card which will also help keep tabs on the last known locations of the card holders.

 “The yatra bookings have dropped substantially as we do not have any magic pill to restore public confidence swiftly. We want to tell the public that all efforts have been made to ensure a safe yatra,” he said. - go Top


12.   97% OF 12,000 NEW NRI VOTERS FROM KERALA: For the first time, non-resident Bharatiyas will be voting in the general elections. A total of 11,844 NRIs have enrolled via post for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections but they will have to travel to their constituency to cast votes on the polling day.

Kerala accounts for the bulk of the NRI voters at 11,488, while Punjab with 138 and Tamil Nadu with 112 come a far second and third, respectively. NRI voter registration figures not only point to migration patterns but also indicate levels of political awareness. Uttar Pradesh, the state with the largest number of general voters, has no NRI voters.

Following the amendment of The Representation of the People Bill in 2010, citizens of Bharat living abroad were given a chance to register as voters. Smaller states seem to have more politically conscious citizens than larger ones. At least 56 citizens from Puducherry who are living in France have enrolled themselves, while 27 voters from Goa are on the rolls. New Delhi and Maharashtra have 13 NRI voters each, while the rest of the states have just one each.- go Top


13.  SHRI VISHWA NIKETAN: Pravas: Shri Saumitra ji Gokhale samyojak Vishwa Vibhag would leave Bharat for tour to Australia, New Zealand and then to USA. Dr. Ram Vaidya sah samyojak would leave Bharat for UK.- go Top


FOOD FOR THOUGHT: God is everywhere but he is most manifest in man. So serve man as God. That is as good as worshipping God. – Swami Ramakrishna Paramhans.- go Top




(.Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha, RSS’s annual meeting was held in Bangaluru from 7-9 March. Some important reports and information is shared below.)



Present Status of Sangh work: According to the available statistics, all over the country, 44982 Sakhas are being conducted at 29624 places. Saptahik Milans (weekly congregation) are being held at 10146 places, whereas work is being carried out in the form of Sangh Mandalis (monthly congregation) at 7387 places.


Some Achievements –

Sharirik Vibhag (Physical Training): As in the previous year, this year also “Prahar Mahayagna” was planned on December 16. In 19096 Shakhas, 2,08,386 Swayamsevaks took part in the event and executed 8, 28.30,122 prahars. Compared to last year, there was an increase of almost 25%. Two thirds of the Swayamsevaks who participated were less than 45 years old. The number of Swayamsevaks who executed more than 1000 prahars, registered a two-fold increase and stood at 37,006.


Boudhik Vibhag (Intellectual activities): Prarthana week: The period of February 16 to 23, was planned as the ‘‘Prarthana week’’. The planning was to conduct Boudhik Varg on Prarthana for the benefit of Swayamsevakas. All over the country, the programme was held, at 20192 Shakhas in which 2 lakh 90 thousand 334 swayamsevaks participated. As a result of this programme, the efforts to develop speakers with excellent communi-cation skills were fruitful.


Prachar Vibhag: More and more young and educated people are coming to Sangh using ‘Join RSS’ feature on RSS website www.rss.org. An effort is going on to appoint Karyakartas at every level in the follow up of ‘Join RSS’ feature. 12,118 people came to Sangh via ‘Join RSS’ feature in the year 2012. In the year 2013, this number has reached to 31,102. 


Pracharak Vibhag: A meet of elderly Pracharaks, who have not been entrusted with any specific responsibility, was held at the ‘Smriti Bhavan’, Reshimbag, Nagpur, from October 11-14 and 85 Pracharaks attended the meet including one with an age of 96. Discussions were held on the subjects like Dharmajagaran, Gow-seva, Seva Vibhag and Parivar Prabodhan. All the participants also attended the Vijaya Dasami programme held at Nagpur and also visited homes of swayamsevaks that day. Another meet of former Pracharaks, who are presently either Sanyasins or Mathadhipathis, was held at the same place from January 21-23 and 48 Sanyasins attended the meet. Discussions on Social Harmony, Parivar Prabodhan, Dharmajagran, and Promotion and propagation of Sanskrit language, were held. In both the meets, informal talks the participants had with the P.P. Sarsanghachalakji and Mananiya Sarkaryavahji were highly beneficial.     


Special programmes in various provinces

 Sankalp Mahashivir, Mahakaushal: A Sankalp Shivir was organised in commemoration of the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. In the Mahashivir held in the first week of January 2014, 34688 Swayamsevaks from 6066 villages, 713 Nagar Bastis attended the Shivir”. 

As part of the preparatory work, 1191 Swayamsevaks came forward as Vistharaks. 1 lakh 60 thousand households were contacted to extend invitation for the concluding programme. As a result, some 90 thousand Bandhus attended the programme.


Virat Hindu Sammelan, Baswada Chithod: “Mangad Balidan Shatabdhi Samaroh Samithi” organised a virat Hindu Sammelan at Baswada in Chithod Pranth. The Sammelan, held with the august presence of Param Poojaniya Sarsanghachalak, was a great success from the point of showing Hindu might. The event, held with the active participation of some 150 Sants from the surrounding areas, and co-operation and support in different forms extended by the local people and their physical presence in it, was highly inspiring. Including 95382 men and 26129 women, 1 lakh, 21 thousand and 511 people from 2065 villages took part in the Sammelan.


Hindu Sakthi Sangam, Jammu: In the wake of Param Poojaniya Sarsanghachalak’s tour of Jammu, an Ekatrikaran of Tarun Swayamsevaks was organised in the name “Hindu Sakthi Sangham” in Jammu. From the entire Pranth 4454 Swayamsevaks from 738 places participated in the programme wearing prescribed uniform. Almost the same number of civilians of Jammu also had attended the function. Such a programme held at Jammu has certainly been instrumental in instilling self-confidence in the Hindus there. Even from the point of making the workers active, the programme was very fruitful.


Navbharat Yuva Sakthi Sangam, Tejpur: The three-day “Navbharat Yuva Sakthi Sangam” of Uttar Assam Pranth, was held at Tejpur from January 24 to 26, 2014. Entry to the Shivir was restricted to Swayamsevaks belonging to the age-group of 28 to 40. From 29 districts coming under Uttar Assam Pranth, which includes the Brahmaputra Valley, Nagaland and Mizoram, 2749 Swayamsevaks attended the Sangam.


Arogya Chetana Shivir, Guwahati: Sevabharati has been active for the last 20 years in the northeast region of Bharat especially in the health sector. Till date, training has been given to more than 5000 young men and women as village helath workers and many of these people are still active in serving the society there.

A camp of all such workers was organised at Guvahati on November 7-8. 877 women and 1066 men from 1648 villages also participated in the camp. Apart from guidance from medical experts and mutual exchange of experiences, the Shibirarthis had the benefit of guidance from Akhil Bharatiya Seva Pramukh, Suhasrao Hiremath, and Mananiya Sarkaryavah Bhayyaji Joshi, etc. Presence of Karyakarthas of the age-group of 18 to 35 was the speciality of the camp. Participants had met the travelling expenses from their own pockets. The camp will certainly provide a new energy to the Seva activities in the northeast region.


Swaranjali: “Samskar Bharati”, on the occasion of the 50th year of the Chinese aggression, renewed the memory of those who had attained martyrdom during the Chinese aggression of 1962, and paid rich tributes to them at the function, “Sarhad ko Swaranjali,” The song ‘ye mere Vatan ke logon’, that has enthralled and thrilled our masses ever since 1963, and the song “Kath Jonavar Mruthyuhol”, written and composed by late Bhupen Hazarika, were the main attraction of the function. Students from 8 northeastern states took part in the competitions held on the occasion. The 92 year old mother of martyr Shri Jasvantsingh Rawat, Smt. Leela Deviji had attended the function. The participation of our Scheduled-tribe Bandhus and some 1000 artistes from all over Bharat, could give a glimpse of our unity to the society.


Tour of Param Pujaniya Sarsanghachalakji:  For last few years, Sarsanghchalakji’s pravas itinerary includes indidual all small group meetings with prominent personalities. Of the Programmes that need special mention are meeting with top scientists at Pune, Defense experts in Delhi , Directors of different educational institutions at Indore, Professors of I.I.T. Pavai, in Mumbai, as also leading lights in the business and industrial sectors.

He had also met spiritual leaders, including Poojya Acharya Mahasramanji, Jainacharya Srimad Vijay Ratnasunder Surishwarji, Jain Munis Poojya Sri Vidyasagarji, Poojya Sri. Tarun Sagarji, Poojya Sri Pulak Sagarji, Kanchi Acharya Poojya Jagatguru Jayendra Saraswathiji Majaraj, Poojya Shivababaji, Poojya Dada J.P. Vasvaniji of Pune, and the Chief of the Radhaswami Satsang Sabha.

He had also met well-known persons from different walks of life, among whom were noted music maestro P. Ajay Chakravarthi, leading foot ball player Subrato Roy, Retired Major General K.K. Gangully, Retired Supreme Court Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer, Justice Ramalingam of Tamilnadu, and Maharaja of Sirohi Sri Raghuvir Singhji, Rajastan.


Excerpts from media address by Ma Bhaiya ji: One of the major events last year was Swami Vivekananda's 150th year birth centenary celebrations and it was a huge success. During the SV 150 celebrations we have experienced that the people of the country receive the ideals of Hindutva as propagated by Swami Vivekananda. The guidance of RK Mission has been phenomenal during Swami Vivekananda 150 birth centenary celebrations and Sangh gave them complete co-operation in taking forwards Swami Ji's message to the world during the last one year.


Go Raksha and Go Seva are two other prominent issues which Sangh feels are a necessity ofr our nation. Sangh would like to take the message of importance of Go Raksha and Go Seva to the people of this country as the economic and cultural ethos of our nation are tightly coupled with it. Many organizations, including Sangh's sister organizations, are working towards the cause and we hope that we will be successful in our endeavor. They have been successful in establishing more than a 1000 Go Shalas.


Gram Vikas is another sphere of Sangh has been working continuously. Villages are our backbone. But after 1947 people in our Villages have been kept away from basic developments that are most required, if not all which is available for our cities. Though we expect the governments to do more towards our villages, Sangh is also working towards it. Sangh is working in more than 200 villages which are becoming energy centers of our country.

It is true that a family is a basic unit in our society and Sangh also believes in it. But due to several reasons which are economical and cultural, there has been a threat to this structure. To keep the Family system intact, Sangh has taken up several initiatives like 'Kutumb Prabodhan', which aims to re-introduce the values and importance of a Family in our people.

There has been an increase in the number of shakhas in the country. A detailed report regarding this and other Sangh activities has already been provided to you. Sangh shakahas run is about 55,000 villages in the country today. But Sangh's work, through various other activities including service, has reached more than one lakh villages.

We have been successful in most of our endeavors and we wish to keep going in the right direction. Though it is difficult to achieve all our goals within a time frame, as this needs a change in the psychology of our people and the work involves common people from our society, we will keep striving for success in our work.”


Excerpts of his Q&A session with the media:

Q: Has there been a discussion on Homosexuality and the laws regarding the same? What is Sangh's view on this?

A: Though we have not discussed on this topic, we are of the view that anything which is detrimental to the health of the society should be detested.

Q: Will Sangh interfere in BJP's selection process when they are unable to reach a conclusion?

A: Sangh will not interfere in the internal affairs of the party as we feel that the leaders of that party are capable enough of dealing with such situations.

Q: Dalai Lama has supported live-in relationships. But he has also supported Sangh earlier. Now, how does Sangh view his statement?

A: It is his personal view and he is entitled to it. But we will try to engage him on this convey our viewpoint on it.

Q: Where there any resolutions in this ABKM?

A: No resolutions but have taken in this ABKM but we have released two press releases. One regarding, the sinister ploy to discredit Amma which we feel is a planned effort by several people and organizations and we condemn it. The second is regarding the centenary celebrations of Nagaland Rani Gaidinliu, who fought against the British and was also awarded the Padma Shree. We have invited everyone to involve in these celebrations.

Q: Sangh had earlier called for retirement of old politicians. What is its view on several old politicians who are still active and want to contest elections even now?

A: Sangh does not give directions but is of the view that new generation should get an opportunity. It is also true that we require the guidance and experience of the older generation. Keeping this in mind we need to make the right choices.

Q: What is the view of Sangh on Corruption and Anti-Corruption movements?

A: Sangh has always been against corruption in society and has said earlier too that Swayamsevaks will involve in any anti-corruption movements. Even Sangh organizations like ABVP are also involved in fighting against corruption.

Q: With the emergence of AAP on the political scene, how does Sangh view AAP?

A: We too see AAP as you in the media do. New parties are formed in a democracy and time will decide who is right and who is not. Their performance has been visible. But if they are indeed capable of fighting corruption Sangh will surely support them too.

Q: What is Sangh's view of Rahul Gandhi call to regard Jains as a minority community? Also how do you view his accusation that RSS members killed Gandhi?

A: Sangh has already said it does not support any move to divide the society as majority and minority. Jains are a part and parcel of the Hindu ethos, history and culture. Few of our traditions and rituals might be different but every culture of this land are Hindu.

Regarding Rahul Gandhi's statement at a rally, we have complained to the Election commission and hope that they will take appropriate action.

Dr.Manmohan Vaidya, Akhil Bharatiya Prachar Pramukh was also present on the dais.


Statement 1: Conspiracy to malign revered saint Mata Amritanandamayi Amma: Following is the statement issued by Ma.Sarkaryavaha Shri. Bhaiyyaji Joshi on Theconspiracy to malign revered saint Mata Amritanandamayi Amma

Mata Amritanandamayi – Amma to millions – is a world renowned Hindu saint with a following that cuts across geography, religion, race and community. She has blessed the lives of millions of suffering humanity through her healing touch of boundless love and affection. This ‘Hugging saint’ has received international accolades from the United Nations and many counties for her relentless efforts at alleviating human misery. A personification of divine love, Amma maintains a gruelling schedule of travel to every nook and corner of the world, giving nigh-long sermons, answering the questions of thousands of devotees with utmost patience and responding to thousands of mails and letters. She also administers and manages countless social service projects for the benefit of the poor and needy. Through her hardwork, Amma has inspired a worldwide philanthropic movement.

It is shocking to see such a noble soul being targeted with malice and malevolence by certain evil groups in the West, whose credentials are highly suspect. The book Holy Hell is a despicable attempt by the enemies of Sanatana Dharma and humanity to tarnish the reputation of a great Dharmic movement, the growing influence of which is probably seen as a threat by the fundamentalist and obscurantist religious zealots of the West.

On behalf of the RSS, I reiterate our utmost reverence for Amma and her mission, and extend support to all the efforts in challenging the nefarious conspiracy against her and other Hindu saints and institutions.

The timing of the book, the totally false and unsubstantiated allegations hurled at Amma’s movement in that book and the immediate lapping up of those vicious and abusive contents by a well-known anti-Hindu section of the media and intelligentsia smack of a sinister international conspiracy. Several Hindu saints and missions were targeted in similar manner in the past too.

We strongly condemn these shameful attempts to berate a holy saint like Amma and call upon the entire Hindu society and the right-thinking world to denounce those behind these machinations as the enemies of humanity.


Statement 2: Accord national honor on renowned Freedom Fighter Rani Ma Guidenlu during her Birth Centenary: Langkao is a village nestled in the serene Himalayan ranges situated in the North Eastern state of Manipur. Hundred years ago, on 26 January 1915, Rani Ma Gaidenlu was born in this village. She was bestowed with great spiritual powers. She had realised and visualised the threats posed by the British empire and Christian missionaries to the Dharma, culture and tradition of Bharat. In 1928 Rani Ma, accompanied by her brother Hepau Zadonang, visited Guwahati and met Mahatma Gandhiji to have a serious discussion about these threats. Immediately after that, just at the age of 13, she plunged into an armed rebellion along with her brother Zadonang against the British empire. Zadonang, along with thousands of followers, launched a massive revolt against the British for independence. He was captured on 29 August 1931 and condemned to death by hanging using fictitious accusations. After the death of Zadonang, leadership of the rebellion went into the hands of Rani Ma Guidenlu. Rani Ma mobilised the local people living in the hills and took on the British. Unfortunately she too was captured in 1932. She was just 16 at that time. The British had sent her off on life imprisonment.

Shri Jawaharlal Nehru had visited Rani Ma in Shillong jail in 1937 and pronounced her as the 'Rani' of the entire North Eastern hills. She was set free only after the Independence in 1947. Her reputation as Rani Ma continued afterwards. Despite harsh jail term for 15 years, Rani Ma had not rested after the release. She got engaged in struggle against the religious conversions in the NE hills and the anti-national activities of the Naga National Council. She had to live underground because of that between 1959 and 1966. After prolonged conflicts she breathed her last on 17 February 1993.

The Government of Bharat felicitated her with Padma Bhushan in recognition of the yeomen services she had rendered to the freedom movement and protection of the people living in the NE hills.

It is a matter of pride to all of us that the activists of Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram have made enormous efforts to carry the story of struggle and sacrifice if Rani Ma to the nook and corner of the country. Followers of Rani Ma have instituted Zaliang Rang Harakka Association in her sacred memory. They decided to celebrate Rani Ma's birth centenary from 26 Jan 2014 to 26 Jan 2015. Activists of Kalyan Ashram will join them in the celebrations to make them a success.

We commend the initiatives of the Zaliang Rang Harakka Association and Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram. We welcome these efforts to take the inspiring life stories of the heroes of the North East to rest of the country. It is our national duty to familiarise our countrymen about the inspiring lives of those great national leaders born in the North East. We call upon the patriotic countrymen to accord national honour to the heroic and inspiring life of Rani Ma by extending wholehearted support to all the activities being undertaken as part of her birth centenary.- go Top